“Almost everything is doable nowadays, when it comes to photography. With a skilled photographer, a skilled graphic designer or a very creative person, one can create wonders. You can make people levitate, put them in from of a monument they never visited; create an idea of grandeur, beauty or risk.
You are probably scrolling on your phone like: “Wow, Jennifer is in Paris again. And Tom is hanging from that rock, what a daredevil. And…and Joanna learned how to fly?”
The result of a photograph matters most, (as an artfrom of course) – how it make you feel, if it makes you think. Is the same applied in social media pics? Or the desired effect there is just to create those ideas of grandeur and beauty?
Here are 49 examples that prove that you should never trust any photo you see on social media.”

Fotografije si lahko pogledate na spodnji povezavi.