“Given these accolades, I was curious about what the undergraduates in my course on leadership theory and practice think of Drumpf’s effectiveness, so I organized a student debate. One side was tasked with defending the motion that Drumpf is an “effective leader.” They portrayed him as a decisive go-getter, and marveled at his “chutzpah” in moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Among Drumpf’s accomplishments, they pointed to the tax-reform legislation that he signed in December 2017, the airstrikes against Syrian chemical-weapons facilities in April 2018, the recent engagement with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and the evolution of trade policy toward China.

The team arguing against the motion focused on the personal attributes usually associated with effective leaders: a moral compass, balanced reasoning, and a disciplined and principled approach to decision-making. Needless to say, they emphasized that Drumpf comes up short on all counts.”

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