A symposium as a social event has its roots in ancient Greece. On Google, a phenomenon is defined as a conference or meeting to discuss a particular topic; a collection of essays or contributions on a particular topic by several participating authors; pleasant discussion, especially after the reception.

The project “American Political Thought” combines all the above elements, with the exception of catering, as due to the bad epidemiological situation, all activities will take place online, without a joint catering.

It is intended for anyone who:

– like to read and philosophize on political topics;

– you want to learn the basics of political philosophy;

– You are interested in the fundamental works and ideas of American political thought.


The main activity of the project is a cycle of three philosophical symposia, namely:

Political Community & Constitutional Order (March 4th 2021).

Moderators: Klemen Balanč and dr. Marko Hočevar

– Democracy & Justice (March 18th 2021).

Moderators: dr. Luka Đekić and dr. Marko Hočevar

– Freedom & Equality (March 31st 2021).

Moderators: Klemen Balanč and Ana Pavlič


Registered participants will receive a scripture combining short original texts by American authors, which will be the red thread of the thematic discussions (25 pages per symposium), as well as rules of procedure and code of conduct.

Interested symposium participants can also apply to participate by writing a professional paper on selected authors and symposium topics between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length. The 7 best articles will be published in the form of a column on the Homopolitikus and 24ur.com portals.

The symposia will be held in the Slovenian language. All events will take place online on the Zoom app. It will be possible to participate in all symposia or to attend only one symposium. The number of participants in individual symposia will be limited.

You can register for the symposia HERE.

The symposium will be preceded by an online introductory lecture on the foundations of American political philosophy. The lecture will be delivered by prof. dr. Steven B. Smith of Yale University ob March 1st 2021 at 18.00 CET. The lecture will be broadcasted on FB live on our FB profile.

To conclude the project, we will conduct an online panel in April on the possibilities of studying social sciences in the USA with interesting guests – TBA

The lecture and the panel will be public.



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US Embassy in Slovenia